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With cheery snippets of inspiration and a Scripture verse tucked here and there, well-known cookbook author and avid blogger Georgia Varozza shares tips, tricks, and treasures that will cultivate a definite "can do" attitude. Explore tidbits of wisodm and hundreds of how-to skills collected  during her life. A master food preserver with a passion for all things natural, time-saving, and simple, she offers insight into becoming a savvy keeper of your home.

  • What's the simpler solution to removing those troublesome spots?
  • Want to grow vegetables from seeds? 
  • Plan that road trip with confidence by taking along this list of car games the kids will love.

Whether you're young or mature, married or single, a novice or veteran do-it-yourselfer, you'll find valuable new skills to take from this book and put to good use.

501Time Saving Tips every woman should know

  • Georgia Varozza

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