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The purpose of prayer is that there should be a personal relationship between the Lord Almighty and the believer. Worship has to do with the relationship between God Almighty and the believer. Thus worship is very much a form of prayer.
In every relationship, two parties are involved. In worship God acts and the believer responds.
In Bible times, it was normal for the Almighty to reveal Himself to His own and in response to that revelation they fell down in worship. There is much noise today but few know anything about the manifest presence of God! It is as if we worship an absent Lord!
The need for restoration to Bible type worship is evident all over the body of Christ. It is with a heart cry that the believer would again live in the very immediate presence of God and worship Him from His immediate presence that this book is sent out.

May the Lord use this book to raise up worshippers of His great glory and may His wondrous Name be exalted, magnified and honoured.
Zacharias Tanee Fomum

The Art of Worship

  • Zacharias Tanee Fomum

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