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All believers are carrying out banking. Some bank in earthly banks, others bank in their stomachs, others in clothes, cars, and the like, while some bank in heaven.

The supreme challenge of our time is the effective presentation of Jesus Christ as savior and lord and the building up of the church which is his bride. This is a difficult and demanding task. If we are to achieve our objectives, then a wholehearted commitment is absolutely necessary.

At conversion, God puts his Holy Spirit within us. This sealing of the believer with the Holy Spirit constitutes a mark of ownership. If our lives are consecrated to the lord, then our property has to be consecrated as well. We cannot consecrate our lives and leave our property unconsecrated.

If property is to become available for the lord, it must be delivered from self: from that tyranny that wants to own it, control it and keep it for the use and worship of the self. Therefore, the Holy Spirit must sever our property from the world and from self.

The world was not only judged. It was condemned. It has no future whatsoever. The believer cannot truly invest in this world. We send this book out with prayer that it should stir the hearts of those who belong to the lord to acquire permanent riches by investing in the lord and in his gospel here and now.

The Christian and Money

  • Zacharias Tanee Fomum

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