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This book, The Way of Christian Service, by Zacharias Tanee Fomum, is the outflow of a heart burdened to see the marks of the lordship of Jesus Christ in every aspect of Christian service. It is the heart cry of a man who is desperate to see a new kind of minister on the horizon of Christian service - men and women who know God intimately, who fellowship with Him daily, and who commune with Him unceasingly. It is the cry of a man who believes that the Holy Spirit is the Director of God's Spiritual Service Programme and that He alone has the sovereign right to appoint people and determine the sphere, timing and limits of their service.

The author sees absolute surrender and total consecration of a life and all as fundamental prerequisites to the service of the Lord who gave His all. He considers that to withhold anything from the Lord and try to serve Him is self-deception.

This book is rooted in the Bible and is written with a passion for the Lord and a radical commitment to the Bride-elect of the Lord Jesus.

For those who are serving the Lord or who want to serve the Lord in any capacity be it part time or full time, this nook is a must read. It will make all the difference for such in time an in eternity. None can read it and remain the same. It is a must read for you.

The Way of Christian service

  • Zacharias Tanee Fomum

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